Disability Confident Employer

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This is the place for all to feel welcome

We are proud to be a Disability Confident employer and are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace where everyone’s unique abilities are valued and celebrated. If you have a disability or a long-term condition, please be encouraged to make an application to join our team. Through our inclusive practices, we strive to ensure equal opportunities for all, promoting a culture of respect, understanding, and accessibility.

We are committed to:

●   attracting and welcoming candidates with a disability or long-term health condition
●   providing a fully inclusive and accessible recruitment process.
●   offering interviews to disabled candidates who meet the minimum criteria for the job.
●   being flexible when assessing people so job applicants with a disability or long-term health condition have the best opportunity to demonstrate that they are the best person for the job.
●   supporting colleagues to manage their disability or long-term health condition by making reasonable adjustments as required.
●   ensuring that disabled people have opportunities and are supported to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations.
●   listening to and acting on feedback from disabled colleagues and colleagues with long term health or mental health conditions.

Guaranteed Interview Scheme

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Guaranteed Interview Scheme

We have made a positive commitment to employing disabled people and to interviewing disabled candidates who meet the minimum essential criteria for the role as set out in the job description and person specification. If you wish to apply under the guaranteed interview scheme, please complete the appropriate section on the online application form.

Further support and adjustments

Please let us know if you need any support or adjustments during each recruitment stage to ensure it is inclusive and works for you.

If you require a job application form in an alternative format, for example, large print, audiotape, Braille or Easy Read, please contact resourcingnca@nca.nhs.uk.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements and can receive applications in alternative formats. If you are selected for interview, we will ask you if you have any access needs or require support or adjustments for the interview or assessment (if applicable) stages.

Meet Joe.

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Meet Joe.

I’m Joe, Equality Officer at the Northern Care Alliance. In early 2017, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Optic Neuritis. Adjusting to this condition, especially my deteriorating eyesight, was challenging. I struggled to drive in winter when the days were darker, and I experienced a lot of tiredness.

Initially, no recommendations were given except for a larger monitor. In 2021, the introduction of the NCA Personalised Workplace Adjustments Policy brought significant changes to my work life and provided the support and recognition I needed.

My manager took the recording of my adjustments through the passport system seriously and I have been grateful to be surrounded by a team which has prioritised the Personalised Workplace Adjustments Policy.

The adjustments I have in place now, such as hybrid work and regular breaks for my eyes, have been a gamechanger. They have helped with my MS-related fatigue and prevented me from driving in the dark, which previously caused anxiety and panic attacks.

I feel so much happier and feel very grateful to my managers at the NCA for supporting this for me.

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