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This is the place where every role matters

This is a place where every role matters, and transformational thinking and service alignment combine to shape the future of the Diagnostics and Pharmacy across the Northern Care Alliance. A place with wide-ranging opportunities and varied career paths for you to explore, that offers great flexibility, immense scope and advanced practices. See where you’ll fit in.

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Discover a pharmacy department that’s at the forefront of healthcare innovation. A place that thrives on team work and benefits from a diverse mix of people, personalities and backgrounds. Where you can enjoy flexible working, further education opportunities and a truly varied career. An incredibly rewarding place to work personally, professionally and financially, we gain immense satisfaction from helping people every day, behind the scenes and on the shop floor.

There’s a lot more to the role of a hospital pharmacy than counting pills. We are essential to the overall running of a hospital and our responsibilities are varied and wide-ranging. Our core purpose is to procure and dispense medication for patients to take home. To prepare specialist high risk medications such as chemotherapy and radiopharmaceuticals in aseptic services. And, to provide drug education to clinicians and patients. But, we do so much more.

We are involved in a number of projects to digitise our pharmacy services, we provide award winning Pharmacy services to Intermediate Care facilities and are one of the first pharmacy providers in Greater Manchester to enable patients to be treated at home.

For those interested in joining us, we’ve close links with Manchester Pharmacy School, CPPE and several universities including some in Shanghai. A number of our colleagues lecture at universities, conferences and training courses. And our success stories include winning a variety of national awards, including a HSJ value award and ‘pre-reg of the year’. We also regularly top the national leader board for medicines safety.

So, if you’re a Pharmacist, Pharmacy technician or Pharmacy Assistant, who is a team player, has keen attention to detail, is caring, well-organised and ambitious, you can develop and specialise in the following disciplines: Clinical services, Aseptics, Clinical trials, Medicines management, governance and medicines safety, Electronic prescribing and systems specialist, Medicines information, Homecare, Procurement, Community and intermediate care, GP practice.

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The innovative world of Radiography is rapidly modernising and changing. From the days of developing film to the incredible progress of digital imaging, this is a place that is keeping pace with technical improvements and strives for excellence every day. As a member of our friendly, flexible and multidisciplinary team, you’ll enjoy the challenges of a constantly evolving environment, and be an experienced user of cutting edge equipment.

Providing a vital service to A&E, inpatients, outpatients and GP’s surgeries, we diagnose or exclude disease within the body and offer a valuable guide to their treatment through a variety of imaging techniques. We deal with multiple trauma, intensive care and end of life. We can perform essential images using a portable machine, assist in theatre with intraoperative radiographs and use image intensifiers to produce real time imaging. Plus much more.

As a member of our large team, you’ll have the chance to specialise in areas including X-ray, CT, MR, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine and Intervention, Angiography, DEXA, Lithotripsy, Cardiology, mammography and reporting. In a wide range of roles including: Diagnostic Radiographer, Sonographer, Radiologist, Assistant Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner, Nurse, Support Worker, Student, Porter and Clerk.

Caring, informative and expert, you’ll often be the person a patient will turn to for reassurance and clarity. As a result, empathy and understanding are vital, together with good communication skills and the ability to remain calm under pressure. An interest in technology is also required, along with fast paced decision making and forward thinking.

As a successful department, we regularly achieve a high score with PLACE (patient led assessment of clinical environment) inspections. We’ve inspired volunteers and cadets who’ve worked with us to become diagnostic radiographers, and a number of our radiographers have been supported with advanced practise courses, to further their career aspirations within our Group. Join us and be part of our future success.

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This is a place for people who are intrigued by disease. Who are fascinated by how the human body does what it does and want a career at the heart of health care, away from the eyes of the patient. If that sounds like you, then Pathology could be the fascinating and rewarding career, you’re looking for.

In Pathology, we prevent, diagnose, treat and monitor diseases to keep people as healthy as possible. It can be challenging with lots of new problems to solve and turnaround times to maintain, but it’s also a versatile, fast-moving and forward-thinking area to build your career in. Only recently, the Covid-19 pandemic has illustrated the valuable role of pathology in implementing new tests, new analysers and new ways of working. In very short time scales.

There are opportunities in Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology and Transfusion, Medical Microbiology or Cellular Pathology. Within these specialties, there are a variety of roles. It’s a surprise to many that 300 staff work in our Pathology Service across the NCA. These numbers are made up of: Pathology Support Workers, Biochemistry Support Staff, Biomedical Scientists, Clinical Scientists, Pathology Clinicians and Point of Care Teams. Every single person is essential.

The Northern Care Alliance Pathology Service is vital. We produce results for over 30 million tests per year. We also provide specialist services for porphyria and drugs of abuse testing, regional and sub-regional pathology services for neurosciences, renal and dermatology including MOHS surgery techniques and electron microscopy.

If you’re ambitious, there are plenty of opportunities to develop a career you can be proud of. We’re at the forefront of training and development and have worked closely with Salford University to develop one of the first Pathology degree apprenticeships in the country. We’re now working with Oldham College to develop T Levels to encourage our future workforce.

Pathology careers here are fast paced and full of responsibility. You need to be dynamic, a good communicator and able to work well in a team. Super organisation skills and the ability to multi-task are key, together with a passion to deliver a quality service and constantly look for ways to improve existing processes for our patients.

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